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If you are looking for the best Fucoidan - you've come to the right place.

Mozuku, seaweed




FUCOIDAN that's our business

If you want to boost your body's natural defences, fight viral infection and aging disorders, read on...

Fucoidan had unsurpassed health boosting properties.

Enzalgs products are enriched with a special blend of the finest Fucoidan.

Have a look at the research conducted on Fucoidan which highlights its health advantages. Research has suggested it may have the following uses:
  •     natural antibiotic
  •     antiviral
  •     immunity booster
  •     blood pressure normaliser
  •     ulcer inhibitor
  •     cancer inhibitor
  •     defender against aging diseases

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Our Company

Our company was established in 1978. We have specialised in botanicals, nutraceuticals and seaweeds for over thirty years.

Our Fucoidan - 'Sulfoidan' is produced under HACCP and NZFSA strict quality and health standards.

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