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Sulfoidan (Pure Fucoidan) is now available in the following products:

Assist-Im™  Supports a recovering immune system!
  Key Ingredients - Fucoidan and Organic Spirulina

Fycinan™ Viral Supports recovery from viral infections!
  Key Ingredients - Fucoidan, Organic Spirulina, Rosemary extract and Olive leaf extract (hydroxytyrosol)

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The Finest Fucoidan

Enzalg's pure Fucoidan is produced in our laboratories in New Zealand and is sourced from a special seaweed found in the pristine water of Pacific atolls. This seaweed has been used as an alternative medicine by people of the Pacific for centuries as a natural remedy.

Because Enzalgs Fucoidan is so pure, we have given it its own name, Sulfoidan™.

There is no land based plant extract that is anyway similar to Sulfoidan™ and its health benefits.

FUCOIDAN thatís our business.

If you want to boost your body's natural defences, fight viral infection and aging disorders, read on...

Our new natural health supplements Assist-Im™ and Fycinin™ - Viral have unsurpassed health boosting properties.

Enzalgs herbal tablets and liquid extracts are enriched with a special blend of the finest Fucoidan.

Have a look at the research conducted on Fucoidan which highlights its health advantages. Research has suggested it may have the following uses:
  •     natural antibiotic
  •     antiviral
  •     immunity booster
  •     blood pressure normaliser
  •     ulcer inhibitor
  •     cancer inhibitor
  •     defender against aging diseases

Read more on Fucoidan's international research.

Our Company

Our company was established in 1978. We have specialised in botanicals, nutraceuticals and seaweeds for over thirty years.

Our Fucoidan - 'Sulfoidan' is produced under HACCP and NZFSA strict quality and health standards.

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